Patrick J. Burns

Postdoc at the Quantitative Criticism Lab | Formerly ISAW Library | Fordham PhD, Classics | CLTK contributor

Latin Language and Literature: Curriculum Authors

Taught at Fordham University (LATN 2001.2), Fall 2009. This course met 3 times a week in 50-minute blocks.


The aims of this course are to:

Your grade will be based on the following:

Required Texts

You will also need a good dictionary. I have ordered Cassell’s Latin Dictionary for the bookstore.

Class Preparation

You are expected to read the Latin for each assignment in full before class as well as memorize all vocabulary and review points of grammar and syntax. You should translate sentences that cause you difficulty, but I encourage you not to translate the assignments in full. You should concentrate on reading and understanding the Latin. You will not be able to refer to translations in class. I encourage you to ask questions in class about lines which cause you difficulty with vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, etc. We will spend time throughout the semester discussing strategies for developing good Latin reading skills.

Independent Reading

In the first three semesters of your Latin studies, you have been exposed to small, disconnected bits of Latin literature—Wheelock alone provides numerous loci and sententiae from Seneca, Cicero, Virgil, and so on. For the independent reading projects, I would like you to choose asubstantial work from the Latin corpus which you will read in English on your own during the second half of the semester. As you read I want you to select one passage that particularly interests you—about 40-50 lines—which you will prepare in Latin. I will email you periodically to check on your progress and I will meet with you individually in the final weeks of the semester to discuss your reading and review your Latin preparation.

Attendance and Participation

You are expected to attend every class. This course will move quickly through different authors and topics and there will be no real substitute for the time we spend reading together as a class. If you cannot attend class, you must email me beforehand. More than two unexcused absences will adversely affect your participation grade.


Academic Integrity

In accordance with the university’s policies, you are expected to present your own work on homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and other assignments. For more information, please consult the Standards of Academic Integrity available on the Fordham website.

Support Services

Any student with a documented disability needing academic accommodation should speak with me and the Director of Disability Services as soon as possible.

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